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Walks by Clerkenwell and Islington Guides

Discover the secrets of Clerkenwell and Islington . . . . . . on guided walking tours in hidden and historic London led by one of the Mayor of Islington’s official guides. The table below contains  the public walks being run in Clerkenwell and Islington by our members.

Our current list of walks:

DateWalkWalk descriptionGuideCost of walk
Thu 02/07/15 19:00The Real London of Peaky BlindersExplore the mean streets of Clerkenwell that were run by the gangster Sabini - a real person portrayed by Noah Taylor in the TV series Peaky BlindersRob Smith£10.00
Sat 04/07/15 11:30Angel Georgian DelightsDid the Georgians create the modern world & we merely live in it? Join us for exploration of how the area developed and how it now reflects this heritage.Andy Catto£5.00
Wed 15/07/15 12:45Echoes of the PastA gentle lunch-break circular walk - see where Oliver met Fagin, the virgin queen danced and there’s gold in the very dust on the floor.
Andy Catto£3.00
Sat 18/07/15 14:00One Street, One Thousand YearsWalk one of the oldest streets in London. Meet the first media star, learn how beer & gin brewed up trouble and what breed of dog was used by cattle drovers.Andy Catto£10.00
Sun 26/07/15 14:00Revolutions & RebellionsLondon has a long history of mayhem & change: visit sites of infamous prisons, learn about the Great Fire, & the bloody fate of rebels Andy Catto£10.00
Thu 20/08/15 19:00Six Islington SquaresA look at some of the squares of Barnsbury and the story of the people who lived in themRob Smith£10.00

In the table clicking on the walk name will take you to a page that provides more information about a walk (including the starting place and details of any costs).  Some walks need to be booked in advance.   The price in the cost column is the maximum amount charged for an adult – a lower concessionary rate may be available and will be shown on the more information page.

Clicking on the guides name might enable your browser to send an email to the guide asking for more information.

Please note – when you book or attend these walks you are making a contract with the individual guide and not the Clerkenwell & Islington Guiding Association.  Please contact the individual guide if you want to know more about the walk.

Our special walks cover all aspects and themes in the Borough of Islington and the Smithfield area. Ask about the John Wesley historic walk, Criminal Islington, Beguiling Barnsbury or our Four Theatres and a River walks.  These walks can be used by businesses or other organisations as social or team building events, and are also suitable for celebrating birthdays or other special arrangements. For further information or if you want to give any feedback on Clerkenwell and Islington guides, please contact us by email at info@ciga.org.uk

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