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Walks by Clerkenwell and Islington Guides

Discover the secrets of Clerkenwell and Islington . . . . . . on guided walking tours in hidden and historic London led by one of the Mayor of Islington’s official guides.

Want to become a tour guide?   The Clerkenwell & Islington Guiding course will open for applications  later this year at the University of Westminster.  It’s a great way of learning about Clerkenwell & Islington.  If you are interested, please leave your email here and we will contact you when applications open.

CIGA Guides also do tours of three amazing buildings in our area.  Charterhouse, The Museum of the Order of St John and Canonbury Tower.

The table below contains public walks being run in Clerkenwell and Islington by our members.

Our current list of walks:

DateWalkWalk descriptionGuideCost of walk
Sat 19/05/18 11:00Cloudesley - Cattle, churches and charityWhen Richard Cloudesley died in 1517 he left land to the Parish of Islington. Walk his Stony Fields and discover 500 years of their history.Susan Hahn
Sat 19/05/18 14:00The Perilous Pond, Pest House and ProstituteEscape the Royal Wedding and the football and join Joanna off the beaten track in St Luke’s including a halfway 30 minute stop in a suitably historic pub.Joanna Moncrieff£12.00
Thu 24/05/18 17:30Islington and the Spanish Civil WarPresented to tie in with the CityRead 2018 novel The Muse, the walk features the involvement of Islington people in the Spanish Civil War in Spain and at home.Susan Hahn£0.00
Sat 26/05/18 11:00Clerkenwell Highlights WalkThis walk explores the history of Clerkenwell from its monastic origins, through its 19th century development and markets and fairs. Tom Barbanneau£10.00
Fri 01/06/18 14:00Six Islington SquaresA look at the domestic architecture of Barnsbury - six squares and the people who lived in themRob Smith£12.00
Sat 02/06/18 11:00Dick Whittington and the Cats of ArchwayHear about Dick Whittington's connection with Archway and count cats on this fun walk for families presented in partnership with Islington Libraries.Jen Pedler
Sat 09/06/18 11:00Hidden in Plain Sight - Walk for FamiliesExplore the Essex Road area and discover the things that most people don't notice.Tom Barbanneau£0.00
Sat 16/06/18 11:00Islington Activism - Remembering the 1970s and 1980sMarching, boycotting, leafleting, writing, fundraising, singing and dancing - Discover an Islington alive with protest and activism in the 1970s and 1980s.
Susan Hahn£0.00
Sat 16/06/18 11:00Angel Adventure - Walk for FamiliesSing a funny song, talk about puppets, do a short nature trail, learn about an important canal and peer down an old well - all within a short walk of the Angel.Philip Nelkon£0.00
Sat 23/06/18 11:00Deeds Not WordsA walk for families to mark 100 years since women got the vote and the end of WWI. From Holloway Prison to the home of the Jiujitsu Suffragette.Sue McCarthy£0:00
Mon 25/06/18 18:00Life and times of Grimaldi: Clerkenwell's King of ClownsMark the 250th anniversary of the world’s very first ‘circus’ in London with this free walk featuring the life of Joseph GrimaldiJiff Bayliss£0.00
Sat 30/06/18 11:00Clowns, Wizards & Storytellers - Walk for FamiliesExplore Islington's links to Harry Potter, Joey the Clown and Dickens. Meet Islington's oldest resident and hear about abominable deeds in a burial ground. Michael McGuirk£0.00
Sun 15/07/18 11:00Islington Town Hall: Art Deco on Upper StreetDiscover an Art Deco jewel of a Town Hall, still in working useOonagh Gay£7.00
Sun 15/07/18 11:00Islington Town Hall:Art Deco on Upper StreetAn opportunity to view the inside of a beautiful art deco town hallOonagh Gay£7.00
Wed 18/07/18 11:00Islington Activism - Remembering the 1970s and 1980sMarching, boycotting, leafleting, writing, fundraising, singing and dancing - Discover an Islington alive with protest and activism in the 1970s and 1980s.Oonagh Gay£0:00

In the table clicking on the walk name will take you to a page that provides more information about a walk (including the starting place and details of any costs).  Some walks need to be booked in advance.   The price in the cost column is the maximum amount charged for an adult – a lower concessionary rate may be available and will be shown on the more information page.

Clicking on the guides name might enable your browser to send an email to the guide asking for more information.

Please note – when you book or attend these walks you are making a contract with the individual guide and not the Clerkenwell & Islington Guiding Association.  Please contact the individual guide if you want to know more about the walk.

You can also arrange special or customised walks in the Borough of Islington covering any area or theme.  These are ideal for family celebrations,  or business team building or social events.   For further information or if you want to give any feedback on Clerkenwell and Islington guides, please contact us by email at info@ciga.org.uk

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